Curly Girl

Curly Girl
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CURLY GIRL is packed with unique and fail-proof hair-care methods, inspiration, and an empowering pro-curl attitude. It's all here: daily routines for Botticelli, fractal, and wavy curls; Lorraine's no-more-shampoo epiphany-handle your hair as gently as you do your best cashmere sweater; homemade lotions and potions. New to this edition: an illustrated, step-by-step guide to trimming your own hair (Remember: It's not what you take off; it's what you leave on.); a section on the particular needs of wavy hair; Lorraine's Down-and-Dirty Curly Boy Routine; more fabulous 'dos for weddings and other special occasions; a chapter on multicultural hair written by an African American specialist at Devachan. Plus, updated information on green and chemical-free products, 20 new Q&A's, and a DVD with tutorials on caring for four different types of curls. From now on, there's no such thing as a bad hair more

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User reviews

I first encountered this book (the old edition of it) in the local library. i read it on one night... read it again, returned it, re-hired it...returned it... decided to go online and buy it because its a fantastic reference tool for curly girl hair. To my delight, this new edition with more info and a free DVD had been released. What a bargain for such a wealth of information. My curls now look amazing and im not ashamed to be a curly girl... seriously, do yourself a favour, throw out your straightners and buy this book and follow it instead! i did :-)

Thanks for the sending. I am so happy to have this book with me know after many times looking for it. I am so happy. Have a good weekend guys!!!. Good job!

I was apprehensive about buying this book, thinking 'what can a book teach me that hours of googling and tremendous amounts of products can't?' I was at my whits end with my hair, and I thought, why not? Well, I had a read and followed her tips and my curls are actually 'normal' I kind of love them, coming from someone who has spent years straightening their hair and spent bucket loads of money on treatments and products, never thought I'd be saying I love them! This book truly will help you, my morning hair routine has gone from an hour down to 5 minutes!! From wavy hair to tight thick ringlets, this is your new bible. I wish I could post a before and after picture of my curls on here!