Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Pray, Love
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It's 3 a.m. and Elizabeth Gilbert is sobbing on the bathroom floor. She's in her thirties, she has a husband, a house, they're trying for a baby - and she doesn't want any of it. A bitter divorce and a turbulent love affair later, she emerges battered and bewildered and realises it is time to pursue her own journey in search of three things she has been missing: pleasure, devotion and balance. So she travels to Rome, where she learns Italian from handsome, brown-eyed identical twins and gains twenty-five pounds, an ashram in India, where she finds that enlightenment entails getting up in the middle of the night to scrub the temple floor, and Bali where a toothless medicine man of indeterminate age offers her a new path to peace: simply sit still and smile. And slowly happiness begins to creep up on more

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User reviews

This personal story is touching, humorous and enlightened. I really enjoyed "traveling" through this book. It is well written and informative from the writers perspective.

Engrossing, heart-wrenching and at times laugh-out-loud funny, Elizabeth Gilbert offers a book which is completely relatable. Rather than a boring biography, she writes her life experience down onto paper: the good, the bad and the ugly. The result is a book which feels like an old friend: warm, welcoming and utterly human. Highly recommended.

Since everyone seemed to be talking about this book I decided to give it a try and I cannot but disagree with what the majority thinks about it. I found the book boring and highly based on stereotypes: only the Italians can enjoy life, peace and religious faith can only be found on an exotic place and last, but not least, old men end up being the best lovers. Plus, Elizabeth's journey to meet herself means running away from her life, her family and her friends. Just a woman with a mid-life crisis and money enough to runaway a whole year and enjoy herself.

Overall I was disappointed in Eat Pray Love, I had heard so much about it before I read it. I wanted to love it and I tried hard to relate to Elizabeth (the author) but I just didn't. I don't know if my expectations of the book were too high before I started reading it, but I wanted to fall in love with this book and for it to be one of those books that I just could not put down. Instead, I found myself struggling to finish it.

It's a shame the book does not end how it started. I think the Italian leg of her journey of self discovery was so uplifting, it made me want to go and learn Italian. Unfortunately it kind of dragged from there. Her time in India was soooo boring, but then what do you expect when you go to a place for 4 months and all you do is meditate for hours on end. However I do believe it was integral to the book. I laughed when she got to Bali! I have been there many times and I cringed when Wayan was seemingly take Liz for a ride, so typically Balinese, just made me feel that she was a bit of a greenhorn for doing what she did. All in all it is a good book.

I enjoyed reading about the months Elizabeth spend in Italy, but i couldn't get past the part where she's in India. It felt like it would never end, and for me it didn't because I never read the rest of the book..

I enjoyed this book, but maybe that's because I'm quite a wishful and spiritual person. I can see why it might not be everyone's cup of tea. I can only wish to escape from my life the way Elizabeth did, and therefore it satisfied a bit of wishful escapism, and vicarious enjoyment.

Loved the whole book! Her language and metaphors are beautiful. Once Elizabeth got over herself a bit, she had much to offer other people seeking peace and harmony in their lives. e.g. the petition to God. How much healthier to verbalise what you want to happen, rather than wallow in self pity. Anyone wanting a bit of insight to another culture, or how to handle a personal crisis should read it.

This book is so full of absolute bulldust. Patronising and irritating. Burn before reading.

Self indulgent codswallop. Me, me, me and a little bit more about 'poor' me. Apparently based on what the author views as a true account of a passage in her life. I found the story long, winding and boring. Not withstanding, the amount of women who interrupted me when I was trying to read the book to tell me how they 'loved the book' and could identify with her was incredibly high. Apart from a desire to travel I felt no such areas whereupon I could identify with Ms Gilbert. In fact not far into her Bali adventure I put the book down, there is only so much muck that one should wade through, do yourself a favour...don't bother.

Somebody else has probably already said it "eat, pray, vomit"

If I had to read one more page about her crappy life and how lonely, bored, confused, unloved, misunderstood and mixed up she was I think I'd be sick. After all the hype it was a total disappointment. Couldn't finish it - didn't get past Italy!! Annette Honeyands

I loved it. I can see why people say it's self absorbed but it is a book about her experiences, so of course it's going to be all about her. If you can't bear that, don't read it. I thought she was very brave to bare her soul so publicly in this book.

I loved this book. It's a bit self indulgent but it didn't matter. I was so inspired by it I started to research Bali as a holiday destination....exactly where she went. Taking a year off to travel & "find myself" really resonated with me.

I borrowed this from my daughter with no great expectation. It is clearly self-indulgent but somehow I found the character human and believable. I may have bailed out in the ashram except that I had recently been in Bali and was interested to read that section. Not the worst confection I imbibed 2010 which was a very ordinary reading year. Rating 3.

I couldn't even finish the book. I am a solo traveler myself, and I found her "self-discovery" journey to be absolute bullsh*t! I'm sorry, but I can't relate to her in any sense! The way of writing was long and draggy and BORING! The only inspiration i got was, maybe I can write way better than her! And I'll definitely have more interesting travel stories to tell. This book is just LAME!

Couldn't agree more with 'Burn It' it is the most self indulgent book I have read in ages, I wanted to give her a good shake!

Can't agree with the 1 or 2 star reviews, I loved the book. It wasn't easy to read but if you see the sense and meaning of it you'll see many things in your life different. Very brave women on a very long journey through life and the world. A book which makes you think, down-the-line or wake up and be finally yourself? Or better: Do you know who you are?

I thought it was the most self absorbed drivel I have ever come across.

I bought this book after watching Oprah's show and thought I was going to be inspired. I can honestly say Eat, Pray, Love is the most boring , self absorbed load of dribble I have ever read. I kept expecting to get to the 'good bit' - but alas it never happened and I gave up on the book when she was in India as everytime I read the book I fell asleep after just a few pages! I have wondered why women say they felt inspired and got aha moments in the book because I could only read - self pity, self indulgents and a woman with far too much time on her hands to think about herself. I have led an interesting life and happy to leave my comfort zone along with following a spiritual path through Yoga - but Elizabeth seems to have missed the point and not realised how fortunate she was/is to live her life to the full... she didn't need to go around the globe to find herself as she was running away from herself. Very disappointing load of rubbish which has made her an awful lot of money!!

When I read a novel, I expect to feel something - excitement towards the plot, empathy towards the characters, anticipation for what's to come. I felt absolutely nothing reading this novel. She talks about how hard life is for her and though I can appreciate that she went through a very difficult personal experience, it's not interesting enough to write a book about. I stopped reading after Italy... I can't believe they adapted this book for a movie!

I loved this book. It was an easy read and I enjoyed the ride. Possibly because I could identify with it. I could not put it down and have told all my friends about it.

If ever you need a book to put yourself to sleep this is it! Boring!!

I really, really wanted to like this book, so it's with a heavy heart that I acknowledge that it wasn't the inspiring, up-lifting, journey of self-discovery book I thought it might be. While at times I could enjoy 'Eat, Pray, Love' I found that overall it was a struggle to pickup and read.

I was excited with anticipation to read this well publicised book - what a disappointment. The writer spent most of the book indulging her self pity when really, her problems were mostly insignificant. I read every painstaking page as I optimistically expected it to get better - alas, I was mistaken, but hope that if there is just one person who doesn't read this book because of my review, my own journey through this tormentuous nonsense will not be in vain...