The Complete Poetry Of Edgar Allan Poe

The Complete Poetry Of Edgar Allan Poe
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From the author of The Tell-Tale Heart, The Pit and the Pendulum, and The Murders in the Rue Morgue . . .Although best known for his short stories, Edgar Allan Poe was by nature and choice a poet. This edition of his complete poetry illustrates the transcendent world of unity and ultimate beauty he created in his verse. From his exquisite lyric To Helen to his immortal masterpieces Annabel Lee, The Bells, and The Raven, Poe stands beside the celebrated English Romantic poets Shelley, Byron, and Keats, and his haunting, sensuous poetic vision profoundly influenced the Victorian giants Swinburne, Tennyson, and Rossetti. Today his dark side speaks eloquently to contemporary readers in his poems, such as The Haunted Palace and The Conqueror Worm, with their powerful images of madness and the macabre. But even at the end of his life, Poe reached out to his art for comfort and courage, giving us in Eldorado a talisman to hold during our darkest moments a timeless gift from an American writer. With an Introduction by Jay Pariniand an Afterword by April Bernard"show more

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User reviews

I've been a complete fan of his for years and as a young girl, I spent many a night terrified but reading under my sheets, rushing to get the end of one of his pieces so I get to sleep and have a good nightmare! This is the ultimate collection for any fan, nicely laid out, easy to source a poem that you thought you knew but only had scratchy information on. I adore the jet black darkness of some of his work and then, at the turn of a page, he manages to pull me through to a level of complete and utter, unmistakeable beauty. Such a talent in his pen! If you are a total aficionado of Poe, despite probably having many of his singular titles on your shelf, you should surely consider the investment of this complete work, if for no other reason than to waft effortlessly through the index in search of whatever you need at that particular moment. It is one of my favourites to dip into and is still a firm favourite on my bedroom night table!