The Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish
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The award-winning book about a beautiful fish who finds friendship and happiness when he learns to share is now available in a board book edition for the youngest more

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User reviews

The beautiful fish starts off without any friends and unwilling to give away its beautiful scales when asked by another fish. It eventually gives its scales away to other fish and finds earns lots of friends each with one of its scales. While the moral is to promote sharing I'm not completely comfortable with how the little fish made friends by giving away its scales which is a part of the little fish. I bought this book online because it has a beautiful cover without knowing its content. Now that I have it I find myself having to explain to my child that the other fish shouldn't have asked the rainbow fish for its scales and that they should have gotten to know the rainbow fish because despite rainbow fish being different he was a nice fish and would have made a great friend and conversely friends that are bought aren't good friends...etc I don't recommend this book. Its awkward to read with long explanations.

This is a nice little story, but I agree with the previous reviewer about the morals. On one level it is about sharing which is great, but giving away his most prized possession it kind of reads that you can buy your friends. I read it to a toddler so I think it is ok at this age, but could see the issue for older children.

I have read many times this story and I think it is really positive. Rainbow fish thinks is very happy because is the most "beautiful" fish in the sea. But, what about the happiness and friends? He can see how,when he starts to share what is most important for him, the other people start to feel happy, and automatically and bit by bit he can feel the happiness.

Are you guys serious? It is about sharing. The other fish weren't his friends because he was selfish. When he wasn't selfish they became his friends. It's also about not being vain, and the pleasure of bringing joy to others. Why do people over complicate things?!!! AAARGH.

When I was a kid I read this book in the class, me being about seven at the time, and everybody loved it - we didn't really read to much into it apart from the fact that it was portraying sharing and frankly its beautifully illustrated. I think that people need to stop over thinking the books meaning because it is just about sharing. And if thats the main thing that me and others as younger kids took away from it then I'm sure that every other kid will do the same :)

Come on, this is a book about sharing and maybe some people think that the little fish giving away his scales were wrong, but dude it is a book for little KIDS. The point is to teach them to share what they have. They won´t give away their hair! I read it when I was like four years old and I loved it! It's really cute and the story is very nice.